EHEIM Classic 250 Review: Is This The Best Canister Filter?

The EHIEM Classic 250 Review - Successful Aquarium

When it comes to finding the best external canister filter, a simple search online will most likely come up with the EHEIM filter. Many people who adore aquariums will tell you that the EHEIM model is one of the best around.

It’s considered to be a filter that works effectively and fast. Numerous users have mentioned how they are pleased with how well it works. But if you’re a little apprehensive before making a purchase, take a look through this EHEIM Classic 250 review that will give you a better idea of all the positives and negatives about the EHEIM canister filter.

Image of the Eheim Classic 250 Canister Filter

How Well Is This Classic Filter Built?

As far as the build of the EHEIM classic external canister goes, it has proven to be strong and durable. The sturdiness is common among the classic canister filters, and it’s what draws many people to use them over other filters.

Stainless steel is used to make the clamps and it’s important that this part of the filter is strong in particular. The clamps keep the motor head in place while the filter is on. This prevents any movement while the machine is being used, which makes them a much-preferred option over the large plastic clamps usually found on other filters. They tend to be less durable and cause more issues in the long run.

Newbies May Struggle Setting Up This Canister

The majority of manufacturers of canister filters usually try to ensure their products can be mounted and set up onto the aquarium fairly easily. For those who have had experience with putting together a classic external canister filter before, you’ll have no problems with this one.

However, those who are entirely new to canister filters may run into some trouble. Despite the fact that it comes with a manual containing instructions, the diagrams you’re given aren’t very clear. A Hang on back filter may be a nice choice like this one if you’re not ready to add a canister filter yet.

If you think you will struggle, then you can check out my post about the best fish tank filters here.

A Higher Flow Rate With Less Energy Consumption

If you do decide to use this classic model, you want to ensure that you’re maximizing the flow rate. This filter was created to be efficient in energy, meaning that it can provide you with a high flow rate while consuming less power in comparison to other canister filters.

Customers of the EHEIM canister filter have come to appreciate how accurate the flow rate given by the manufacturer is. It’s common with these types of products to only get around half the flow rate of what’s advertised. In this case, however, you get it all.

The Capacity Of These Filters Vary For Each Model

Depending on which model of this classic canister filter you go with, the capacity could be impressive or underwhelming. The lowest capacity you can get is 40 gallons and the maximum available is 300 gallons. So, you’ll have to check the details of the different models available to ensure you get the kind of capacity you were hoping for.

How Noisy Is The EHEIM Canister Filter?

If you’re planning on using a canister filter with a motor, such as this one, you most likely have some reservations about the noise levels. Many people expect the classic models to be noisy, but are pleasantly surprised when they realize that this model is actually silent!

The only time you can hear any noise is if you get close to the machine. Otherwise, you won’t even notice when it’s on. This is a rare thing in the market of external canister filters, so the EHEIM canister filter has something special going for it in that sense.

Experience A Unique Filtration System

The EHEIM classic 250 canister filters have the standard biological, mechanical, and chemical filtrations, however, they are used in a different way than we have come to expect with these products.

Image of what you get in the box of the eheim classic 250 unboxing

A Substrat Pro media and EHEIM Mech are used for the filtration process which prevents large debris from causing damage and helps with the dispersion of water. This unique filtration system makes it less likely for any contamination or debris to make its way into your aquarium so that your fish can carry on swimming healthily.

Cleaning The Filter Is Easy With The Instructions Provided

Cleaning the filter out for the very first time may prove to be challenging for some people. However, just make sure to follow the instructions provided in the manual and the whole process will be a lot smoother. The manual contains all the information you need on how to unmount the filter, clean it, and put it back on afterward.

The Overall Pros & Cons Of The EHEIM Canister Filters

Some of the standout positives of this filter are that users experience no leakage problems, even after it has been used for a long time. The water filtration system itself is highly effective, the noise produced is minimal, and the energy consumption is great too.

However, one of the biggest downsides that people have noticed is that finding replacement parts is difficult. So if any parts of the filter stop working properly, fixing it on your own could prove to be a major problem.

Also, despite the stainless-steel material used for the clamps and the overall strength of the filter, it’s one main weakness is the ceramic impeller. It is susceptible to breaking easier than you may think, so be extra cautious around it.

Final Thoughts – My EHEIM Classic 250 Review!

If you’re looking for a quiet canister filter for your aquarium that can do its job effectively and silently, while also providing you with a great flow rate with less energy consumption, the EHEIM canister filters may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Just be sure to pick the models that suit your capacity needs the best as they can vary quite a bit!

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I hope you have found my EHEIM Classic 250 review helpful!

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  1. Alexandra
    Alexandra says:

    Thanks so much for this detailed and helpful review. I have ordered this filter after another canister filter I received in the mail was broken (I have to return it and will receive a refund) so I am very keen for crystal clear water!!!


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