10 Best Plants for a Freshwater Aquirium 2019 [Beginner Friendly]

We all have heard the rumors, that keeping freshwater plants in your aquarium is a herculean task to achieve. Do not fear it is actually rather easy, well, once you get your head around it.

Freshwater aquatic plants can be split into three different types, depending on the position they best grow in, and where they look good too. These are…

  • The foreground plants
  • The Midground plants
  •  The background plants

For a beautiful aquascape, the plants you choose should fit the aquarium like a nice designer suit. For example, you could have a lush green carpet in the foreground, for the midground add a bit more height and color and then for the background, add some bushy foliage.

The background is the part where the big plants should grow.

Let’s jump into the tank and look at my top 10 best plants for a freshwater aquarium. These are all low maintenance and great for beginners…

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