11 Things to Consider Before You Start An Aquarium

For many people, the idea of starting an aquarium seems like a great way to ease some stress and relax. They can be absolutely stunning to look at, however, getting everything set up can be a difficult task if you haven’t planned it.

But that shouldn’t discourage people who are new to aquariums. If you want to start a fish tank, you should know it can be an enjoyable process, free from stress. Keeping fish is quickly becoming an increasingly popular hobby, and once you have everything set up for yourself, you’ll see why!

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How Many Pellets Does Your Goldfish Really Need?

When it comes to feeding your goldfish, pellets are the number one choice.

They should be a staple of your goldfish’s diet, but if you’re new to taking care of aquatic pets, knowing how many pellets to feed goldfish and what other options there are can seem confusing.

Questions like what type of pellets you should feed or how many pellets to feed your goldfish might cross your mind.

If you’re interested to learn more about how to properly feed your goldfish, you’ll find the information below very useful!

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Do Goldfish Need A Filter In The Tank?

Time to put this question to bed, do goldfish need a filter in the tank?

A lot of new goldfish keepers believe that you don’t need a filter for a little goldfish tank. A lot of keepers believe that a goldfish can be put in a small tank, filled with water and voila…

Check out my sweet new tank!

This is definitely the wrong way to start a new goldfish tank!

How healthy you keep your fish and their environment will determine how long you will have them around. On average, a goldfish has a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years. However, this only applies to a healthy fish, that live in the right environment and that are fed on the right food. A goldfish that is unhealthy or that lives in an unhealthy environment may have its lifespan reduced to as low as 24 hours.

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Best Common Goldfish Tank Size, The Key Ingredient To Happier Fish

The biggest problem new fish keepers make is choosing the wrong common goldfish tank size. Just because they are small when you purchase doesn’t mean they will stay that way.

This is a big mistake.

A small fish bowl or tank will not do.

The common goldfish requires a lot of swimming space. This is why they are best suited to large ponds. That isn’t always possible though and you may have to settle for a large tank.

Common goldfish are big and grow to around 4 inches. In some cases, they could grow to 7-8inches. On average though it is about 4 inches. It isn’t impossible though. You just need to do your research and choose a suitable tank for your new goldfish.

It isn’t impossible though to keep them in a tank. You just need to do your research and choose a suitable tank for your new goldfish.

You just need to do your research and choose a suitable tank for your new goldfish.

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