Best Betta Fish Tanks 2019: Create The Perfect Habitat For A Happy & Healthy Betta

The 10 Best Betta Fish Tanks 2019: Create The Perfect Habitat For A Happy & Healthy Betta

Betta fish are beautiful, low maintenance fish that are perfect for someone just getting into the fish hobby. The problem is people tend to underestimate what they need when it comes to creating the best betta fish tank.

A lot of people think that it is acceptable to throw their Betta in a cup with a plastic plant and a Nemo toy. Their betta will then become sick and die.

WTF happened.

I can tell that you are different as you are taking the time to do your research to create the perfect tank for your new betta.

Below I have listed my top picks when it comes to a suitable tank but I have also given you a quick Betta Fish 101 Care guide too. Let’s start by looking at my top picks when it comes to the best betta fish tank.

an image showing Blue betta fish looking for the best betta fish tank

ImageTankSizeProsCustomer Reviews
Fluval Spec V - 5 GallonFluval Spec V Aquarium Kit5 Gallon- Great Filter
- Lightweight
- Beautiful Design
Check It Out!
Marineland Portrait Aquarium 5 GallonMarineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium 5 Gallon- Easy Setup
- Nice Design
- 3 Stage Filter
Check It Out!
Fluval Edge Aquarium Fluval Edge Aquarium 6 Gallon-Beautiful Design
- Closed Top, Fill To Top
- Small & Easy To Maintain
Check It Out!
Imagitarium PRO DeluxImagitarium PRO Delux3.75 Gallon- Glass Aquarium
- Pump With Ample Filter Media Space
- Hidden Wires
Check It Out!
Tetra Crescent AquariumTetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit5 Gallon- Super Quiet Filter
- Lightweight
- Different Sizes Available
Check It Out!
Tetra LED Cube Betta Fish TankTetra LED Cube 3 Gallon- Lightweight
- Easy To Maintain & Clean
- Easily Upgrade Filter
Check It Out!
biOrb FLOW AquariumbiOrb FLOW Aquarium4 Gallon- Fantastic 5-Stage
- Made from a durable acrylic
- Tank will actually oxygenate your water
- Very energy efficient
Check It Out!


1. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit- 5 Gallon

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit is a 5-gallon glass tank setup. It comes with a sleek design and many aquascaping possibilities for your new betta fish tank. It won’t be the cheapest aquarium out there but you are buying from a premium brand.

This kit from Fluval is mainly glass, giving it that sleek look. Glass is easy to clean and will not go foggy over time. There are two areas that are made from fish-safe plastic, the base, and the divider.

The part that houses the filter is frosted to keep it all hidden. This maintains that sleek finish. Instead of wires poking out all over the place.

You have two choices for colors which are either black or white.

The tank kit also comes with a 7000K LED Daylight system with a lovely moonlight system too. This will be great for plants that love low light. People have reported that the light can be fiddly. You will need to hold it level while you attach or it will dip down.

There has also been some customer reports that lights been defective when the tank arrived. However, I am unable to say how likely this is.

We all know that fish need a filter and Fluval have you covered with this one. You get a brilliant 3 stage filter that is hidden behind the frosted portion of the tank. There is a sponge for the mechanical portion, activated carbon for the chemical and Biomax rings for the biological.

The Fluval Spec V Kit doesn’t come with a heater so you will need to purchase this separately. You see betta fish originate from a tropical climate so they will not be happy with a colder climate.

Adding a heater will help maintain a suitable temperate, but it will also keep it consistent. Betta fish hate changes to there environment and a sudden temperature drop could seriously stress them out.

Beside the filter compartment is a little space to hide a heater away. This means it will not get in the way of your aquascape.


  • Great Filtration System to keep your tank clean for healthy fish
  • Lightweight design
  • Sleek design


  • Reported Light problems and not a great fitting
  • More Expensive

2. Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit – 5-Gallon

The Marineland Portrait Aquarium kit is a lovely 5-gallon tank that is an awesome home for your new betta. If you are looking for a reasonably priced tank then this is perfect for you to get started with.

The tank is made from high-quality glass that has rounded corners. This is great if you have kids because there are no sharp edges.

As it is made from glass your tank will not go foggy which can be the case for acrylic tanks.  It also has a sliding glass lid to maintain the sleek design.

Like most kit tanks the filter is hidden which is great because it doesn’t hinder your viewing or your overall design.

The Marineland Portrait has a 3 stage filtration system with an adjustable pump. The filter uses a Rite-Size Z cartridge system to make it easy to change it out when you need.

Keep it on the lowest setting for your bettas, they are not the greatest swimmers. If the rate is too high they will get pushed about all over the tank.

Another plus for this kit is the LED lights.

These hinge on the top of the tank and have two settings. A lovely bright daylight mode and a stylish blue moonlight mode. So you will always get a perfect view of your fish.


  • Easy to setup: When your tank arrives you can literally unbox and set it up. You will need to purchase a heater to satisfy your Betta Fish.
  • Stunning design with flush rounded corners so no sharp edges to worry about.
  • 3-Stage Filter cartridge that will keep your tank clean with minimal effort from you.
  • Hidden compartment at back to hide all the cables and to give you an uninterupted view of your new fish.


  • Low light system: If you want to keep live plants that need a brighter light then you will need to upgrade the LED system. The daylight is still pretty low light.
  • No heater. This means in colder climates your tank will not be warm enough for bettas. No biggy heaters are extremely affordable.

3. Fluval Edge Aquarium – 6 Gallon

The Fluval Edge is going to give you an extra gallon which is always a good thing in my opinion. It truly offers an unobstructed view with a stylish design.

Made from a decent quality glass your aquarium is completely enclosed. Even the top. This gives you the option to fill the tank all the way to the top. This is a lovely addition for your setup.

It has a plastic compartment that is narrower than the body of the tank. This gives the illusion that the tank is floating. Also, because this is smaller than the actual tank you have a unique design making the aquarium the perfect centerpiece for most rooms.

Due to the design aquascaping and maintenance can be fiddly. Especially if you have large hands. You only have a small hole at the top to put your hands through. You also have to move the lamp and the lid out of the road.

The lid is your only way into the tank. So when it comes to feeding you have to lift the actual lid and light out the road yet again.

Now, this isn’t a kit so you will need to buy all the other equipment you need for your new betta fish. The AquaClear Power Filter is a superb hang on back filter for this aquarium.

You will also need a heater to keep a warm and stable temperature.


  • Beautiful Design that gives the floating illusion so that it can be the focal point of your room.
  • Closed top design so that you can fill all the way to the top and have a totally unobstructed view
  • Compact meaning it will not take a lot of space in your home


  • Not a kit, you will need to purchase filter, heater and any other equipment.
  • Pricier than other listed tanks
  • Lights are dim, if you want to keep live plants you may need to add more light. Low light plants can do well.

4. Imagitarium PRO Delux Freshwater Aquarium – 3.75 Gallon

Next on our hitlist of aquariums for your new betta fish is the Imagitarium Pro Delux. It is 3.75 gallon which is on the small size for me. However, for one male betta, this aquarium will do the trick perfectly.

It is made from glass and has beautifully rounded corners which adds style to the overall appearance of the tank. There is a wooden base under the bottom of the tank.

On the whole, it is quite heavy which is a good sign for glass tanks. It shows that the glass is of high quality.

We also have a glass lid that slides into place. This was great because it has a decent sized feeding hole. Unlike the Fluval Edge, you don’t have to remove the lid to feed your fish.

At the back, you have three decent size compartments to fill with the filter media that you choose. Of the bat, you have a sponge, bio balls and a carbon cartridge. You have so much space that you could add more or mix it up with premium filter media.

Next, we have the light which in my opinion isn’t the best. It attaches to the tank with a screw but it’s made of plastic. This means it could easily break if you over tighten it.

The light actually doesn’t span over the whole tank. It actually only covers the filter compartment which is poor design in my eyes. This could really hinder the growth of live plants.

In my opinion, I would upgrade the light if you are wanting to keep live plants in your new tank.

The pump is super quiet and will get the job done. It’s small but I am not sure how great it will be over time. The compartment that houses the pump has enough room to install a heater (It doesn’t come with one).

This means that you can keep everything hidden with the Imagitarium Pro Delux to enhance your aquascape.


  • Beautiful Glass Tank with flush looking rounded corners
  • Comes with a pump and three good size compartments for filter media
  • All wires hidden from the view of the tank


  • No heater which is required to keep the temperature and to keep it consistent for your new betta fish
  • Light doesn’t span a great amount of the tank. Not great for plants unless they do not require artificial light

5. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit – 5 Gallon

The Tetra Crescent Aquarium kit is a great tank if you are looking for an affordable betta fish tank. It looks great and provides a safe and decent looking home for your new fish.

When the aquarium kit arrives you will get:

  • Tetra Whisper Internal Filter
  • LED Lights
  • The actual aquarium

So as you can see, you will still need to purchase a heater for your betta. You will find that most kits do not provide this.

Now, this tank is made from acrylic which means it’s super lightweight. The problem with acrylic is that it can get foggy and can sometimes discolor. To be honest I have had many acrylic tanks and this has never been an issue.

When you buy this kit you will get an LED light that is advertised as being energy efficient. It will do the trick but can not comment on how plants will cope with this lamp. Plants like Anubis and Java Fern will probably do well with it.

Lastly, the filter that comes with the tanks is the Tetra Whisper. It is super quiet and uses a three-stage filtration process to keep your tank looking crystal clear.

The biggest downside with this tank is the plastic lid that comes with it. It is rather flimsy and the cutout holes are not in the best place to feed cords through.


  • Tetra Whisper filter is super quiet so no annoying buzzing
  • Acrylic tank meaning that is lightweight
  • There are more choices and sizes for customers to pick from which is very good


  • The crescent shape means it will look good in corners not as great for other areas.
  • The plastic lid is rather flimsy

6. Tetra LED Cube – 3-Gallon

The cube-shaped tanks are a firm favorite of mine, so we have another for you. This time it is the Tetra LED Cube. It is on the small side but is more than sufficient for a single betta fish.

My choice for a fish tank would always be glass but acrylic can be a great choice also. The problem is that acrylic can scratch really easy and over time it can get a foggy look to it. I still wouldn’t rule this tank out for that reason.

Now the lamp, in my opinion, isn’t the best. It is ok for fish but if your plan is to grow live plants then you will need to upgrade your light. The Tetra Cube complimentary lamp will not do a great job.

Next, we get a Tetra 3i aquarium filter with this kit and it will do the trick when it comes to this tank.  From the reviews, I have seen it is pretty noisy and it may struggle if your fish is really messy.

Like most of the other kits, the Tetra Cube does not come with a heater. As bettas are a tropical fish you will definitely have to source one before you add any fish.


  • Lightweight so if you need to move your tank it will be a lot easier than a glass tank
  • Easy to maintain and clean with a large lid that spans the top of the aquarium.
  • Easy to upgrade the filter if required


  • No heater which is a must when it comes to betta fish unless you are in a climate that maintains a temperature of around 78f-80f
  • Filter can be pretty noisy and cause vibration to tank, this may stress your betta. If it does happen you should move the pump off the tank to minimize vibration.

7. biOrb FLOW Aquarium – 4-Gallon

These little BioOrb Flow Aquariums have been getting talked about loads in the aquarium hobby. They are sleek and compact making them a great addition for a smaller space in your home or office.

This aquarium is made from a durable acrylic which is perfect for a beginner tank. The acrylic is pretty much smash proof and you will have a hard time scratching this one. So if it gets knocked or bashed no need to worry about a leak.

The hood is very sleek with the BioOrb Flow it can come right off to make maintaining the tank a breeze. If you are just feeding your little betta it has a little hinged opening to save you having to remove the whole hood.

The filtration with this kit is pretty impressive. It will pass your water through a 5 stage system to help keep your water crystal clear. Compared to other kits out there the Biorb Flow really delivers.

Now you have a pretty decent LED lighting system as well with the BioOrb. Again this tank pushes a lot of the others to the curb. They aren’t quite a moderate light but low light plants like Java Fern, Wisteria and Anubias will be satisfied.

You also have the choice to upgrade the lighting should you feel the need.


  • Fantastic 5-Stage Filter that will keep your water crystal clear. Happy viewing and Healthy fish.
  • Made from a durable acrylic to stop any smashes or leaks.
  • This tank will actually oxygenate your water, this will keep your fish happier and will stop them staying at the top of the tank.
  • Very energy efficient so no scary energy bills.


  • The LED light could be a bit stronger but it is leaps better than a lot of kit lights.
  • Still no heater to keep your betta fish warm. There is a BioOrb heater available that will work with this aquarium

An image of a stunning red betta fish (Siamese fighting fish)

Want The Perfect Tank, You Need To Know About Wild Betta Fish?

Before we get into the setup or the styling I want you to have a better understanding of where your new fish live in the wild. When you know where they originate from you can simulate this to give them the most fulfilling life.

Originally Betta fish were found in Asia. You can find them in shallow water of rice paddies, ponds, or slow-moving streams in Thailand. Betta’s are not the best swimmers so they prefer shallow water.

These shallow waters will get hot due to the Asian sun. This means your new fish will be happy with a warm climate. In colder climates, you need to provide that heat and keep it consistent.

Fish hate sudden changes to their environment.

During the dry seasons, the water is gonna evaporate. This means the shallow streams can become inches deep. This is why people think a teeny cup or vase is sufficient.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“When kept in tiny cups or little “betta bowls,” they can survive for a time, just like in puddles, but they will not thrive.” The Nest

Bettas are skilled jumpers so when the water decreases they will try and jump to an adjacent puddle. These puddles are normally part of a larger body of water. By jumping they can get to a body of water they can thrive in.

Now we know where they come from let us get some ideas for our new fish tank

Getting Ideas For a Sunning Betta Fish Tank Style

When it comes to finding ideas for fish tanks I love to turn to Instagram or Pinterest. Here are a few tanks I found on Instagram:

As you can see it’s relatively shallow with lots of live plants. This provides places for your betta to hide and to get stimulation from. A big step up from the tiny vases they sometimes get sold in.

Again look at the natural foliage. The lush green carpet with the rock poking out. Totally stunning. Let’s look at Pinterest:

With this one there is a really Thai feel about it. The ideas you can get from these is awesome. While writing this I am getting loads of ideas for multiple betta tanks.

Last one here is a bit more minimalist but still effective and still a lot bigger than a tiny cup or vase. So before you run out to buy a tank and fish, do some research!

What Is The Best Betta Fish Tank Size For Your New Fish?

So the common misconception with bettas is tank size. If you want to keep happy healthy fish then why would you want them to be kept in a small jail cell?

The common rule for tank size is 1 gallon per inch of fish. This is a good guide but it’s not a hard set rule. Most Bettas grow to 2-3inches. That means you should aim for a 3-gallon tank minimum.

Now a betta fish can thrive in this condition. Having said this you are locked into keeping one fish. You might think this is fine because Bettas are very aggressive. That is true in most cases but it tends to be with other bettas.

You should never keep two males. They are too territorial.

Females can live in a sorority of over three. If the group is too small they may become too territorial to live in harmony.

Adding other tank mates is an option for male and female bettas.

Bettas will always stay around the top of a tank. So choosing a fish that will stay at the bottom of the aquarium should be ok.

Neon tetras can be a good choice.

There are options out there, going with the bare minimum doesn’t give you much scope. So no less than a 3 gallon but if you can afford a 10- 20-gallon tank I would highly recommend.

How To Setup Your Very First Betta Fish Tank That Your Fish Will Love[Step By Step]

Once you have decided on the tank that you like and that is suitable for your new fish it is time to get it all set up. On the interwebs there is an overwhelming amount of information about setting up tanks.

In this guide, I will show you the no bullshit, get the job done method I use for all my tanks.

Step One: Shopping Time [My Gear Tips]

Let’s get our groove on and go shopping. Amazon is great because it will ship it all to your house. If you prefer going to the shops most good pet stores will have the stuff that I use.

So first things first you are going to need a tank. Above I have shared my favorite tanks. Now, most tanks will come as a sort of kit so check what you get and then make a list of what you still need.

By now you should know whether you want live plants or not. If you do then you will need a decent substrate. If not any substrate will do the trick because your fish don’t really care (I have seen betta tanks without any substrate and they do just fine).

Gear Tip: SeaChem Flourite Substrate

Every fish needs some sort of filter. If you do not provide one then they will be left swimming in their waste and the tank could become inhabitable. This can lead to ammonia spikes that could kill your fish.

If your tank doesn’t come with one a simple hang on back filter will do the trick.

Gear Tip: AquaClear PowerFilter (Based On A 3-Gallon Tank)

Now if you stay in a warmer climate a heater may not be necessary. In colder climates, they are a must. In my eyes, they are a must to keep the water at a consistent temperature.

Always add a thermometer to make sure your tank is at a safe temperature.

Gear Tip: ViaAqua 50-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater with Built-In Thermostat

Next, you want to buy all the decorations your tank will need. This means plants, statues, wood or rock. Do not go overboard with this. Everything you add takes swim space away from your betta.

If you are adding plants that root into the substrate I would highly recommend you add root tabs to the water.

Gear Tip: Osmocote Plus Root Tabs

Lastly you are going to need some things to make the water safe for your fish. First thing is tap water dechlorinator. This renders the chlorine and chloramine in your aquarium source water harmless to your fish and biological filter.

Meaning safe water for your fish and your good bacteria.

Gear Tip: SeaChem Prime

SeaChem Stability should be added to kickstart your good bacteria. It will cut your cycle time down greatly.

Gear Tip: SeaChem Stability

Grab some sort of betta fish food too. The pellets are great but I would also consider some frozen food too.

Gear Tip: Omega Sea LLC Betta Buffet Pellets

Step Two: Clean Any Dust And Debris For A Better Viewing Experience

Shopping Spree Done!

It is time to get rid of all the packaging so that we can clean down our tank. Make sure you remove any filters or heaters that come with your tank. When tanks are shipped they can gather dust and some debris. Start by giving it a kick rub down with distilled vinegar.

This will remove any dirt and nasty bacteria.

Once you have done that you will want to give it a thorough rinse down.

Before you add substrate it is best to give it a rinse too. This will stop any dust and debris getting into the tank that you have just cleaned. Just fill a bucket with water and add the substrate.

Every so often give the substrate a little mix. You want to let it sit in this water for around 15-20 minutes.

If you are using EcoComplete Substrate do not rinse. When you rinse you are taking all that good stuff out. So just add that straight into the tank.

Image Of Blue and red betta fish in an aquarium

Step Three: Add Your Substrate & Arrange Your Perfect Aquascape

Ok cleaning done it is time to get the stuff into the tank. So we start from the bottom up. So the substrate is first to go in. Now you can arrange the substrate so you have a little hill or you can keep it flat.

If you are planning on adding plants you are going to want to make sure that your substrate is at least 1.5-2 inches deep. This just means that your plants can root into the substrate.

Next add any plants, ornaments, wood or rocks.

If you are adding wood you might want to boil it and let it sit for a bit before you add it to your tank. This will stop it staining or discoloring the water.

The design of the tank is up to you.  Just do not clutter it and leave a place for your betta fish to swim but also to hide too.

Before we fill up set up the filter, heater, and thermometer.

Step Four: Fill Up And Let Your Tank Mature To Prevent Any Casualties

Once you have your aquascape all set up it is time to add the water. If you can get water from an existing tank this will speed up the time your tank needs to cycle. Do not worry if you can’t simply just add tap water.

Add a slow steady stream of water and be gentle. This will stop the substrate and decor moving all over the place.

This is where SeaChem Prime & Stability come in. You should add them once your tank is full of water. Check the side of the bottle to get the exact dosing instructions.

These two chemicals will make your water safe for fish and the good bacteria. The stability will kickstart the good bacteria that will keep ammonia levels at 0.

Once you have done this you can switch on the filter. You want to let your tank sit for a week and then do a water test. You want to make sure there is no ammonia or nitrites. A little nitrates are safe for fish so do not worry about these.

Do Betta Fish Really Need A Filter In Your Tank?

In previous posts, I have stated all fish need a filter and Betta fish are no different. Betta’s poo just like every other fish and they might leave food lying around too.

When fish waste and food waste is left to decay it releases ammonia. This is very deadly to fish and other water creatures. When you add a filter you introduce a system to keep the water in good condition.

Your tank will start to build it’s very own beneficial bacteria that will eliminate ammonia by turning it to nitrites and then nitrates. 0-40 Nitrates is safe for fish, ammonia and nitrites, not so much.

To learn more about the nitrogen cycle check out the post I wrote on the topic.

One last thing I would like to mention about the filter is the flow rate. For Bettas you need a filter that has a slow or adjustable flow rate. This species of fish are not the best swimmers so if the flow is too high they will just get thrown about.

For a smallish tank, I would recommend one of the Aquaclear Filters. If you can afford to spend more though a canister filter will do a better job.

What Temperature Should Your Betta Fish Tank Be?

Think back to the natural environment that bettas originate from. They come from Thailand which is a very hot part of the world. This is pretty consistent most of the year.

In the winter it will be cooler but this is only for a short period.

As I said, you should aim to simulate their natural environment. To do this we need to provide a tropical climate to our betta fish tank. I would suggest you choose a heater that has an adjustable temperature like this one.

If you buy one that has a temperature already set you should be ok if it is set between 78° and 80° Fahrenheit. 

Just remember it has to be consistent so keep a thermometer submerged so that you can keep an eye on this.

Do You Need To Light The Aquarium Up, Do Betta Fish Need A Light?

When it comes to deciding on a light you have to consider two things… yourself and if you have plants. You see fish don’t need any crazy light, natural light will be fine for them.

The reason so many tanks are lit is that it makes the viewing experience better. The only problem arises if you leave the light on continuously. Doing this will screw with your fishes circadian rhythm.

Nobody wants a lunatic fish. So turn the light off at the same time every day.

If you decide on live plants you should add some artificial light. This will improve the growth of your plants.

So if you decide to use a light for your tank just remember to turn it off. Create a routine and stick to it. Turn it on at the same time and turn it off at the same time for happy fish.

Does Your Betta Fish Need Tank Mates?

Above I mentioned that betta fish can live harmoniously with other fish. However, I never went into much depth. Now before I get into it I would only suggest this if you are more experienced.

As a new fish keeper, you will not know what signs to look for when things are going wrong.

I would also only recommend this if you have a tank that is bigger than 10 gallon. Bettas are very territorial fish and a smaller tank will make them more aggressive because they don’t have as much territory.

In a larger tank, they can have their own little place.

One other thing that you must incorporate is foliage. This is a way to separate the bettas territory from the other fish. So if you are starting a community tank then consider the aquascape before you get the fish.

Let me share my recommendations for good tank mates for bettas…

Other Bettas

If you want a community tank with more than one betta fish then you will have to make sure you consider the sex. Two males can never be kept in the same tank.

They will not just nip at each other, they will fight till the death.

To keep more than one betta you will have to go with female bettas. This is known as a sorority tank. It must consist of more than 3 bettas. Any less than this and the females will fight for dominance and territory.

Make sure you get your fish from an experience betta fish store so you know you are getting the correct sex.

Image of a betta fish in tank

Neon Tetras

The first big thing when introducing another species is to make sure your tank isn’t overcrowded. This will stress a betta and make it act aggressively because it is stressed. Plus, overcrowding causes a lot more problems than betta aggression.

Now Neon Tetras are very peaceful fish they don’t like confrontation. The problem when mixing this species is that they like to be kept in small groups of around 5 neons.

For 5 Neon Tetras you are going to need 10 gallons minimum, then another 3 gallons for your betta fish. So you would need a tank over 13 gallons to safely house these two species.

Once you have your tank setup with some foliage add the tetras to the tank. Once your tank has settled and your neons too. Get ready for your Betta.

Neons are fast and will stay away from conflict but they may nip the betta so keep an eye on both species because the betta will kill.

There are a lot of other species and more steps you can take to protect your betta and your other fish. If you would like me to do a full guide on this let me know in the comments.

So There You Have It: My Pick When It Comes To The Best Betta Fish Tank

As you can see Betta fish are pretty low maintenance fish. Not to mention they don’t need a large fancy tank to have a happy life. Just cherish your fish and don’t shove them in a bowl, with no heater or filter.

This is cruel!

Betta’s can live for a good few years. If you run into issues and your fish dies after a few months it is probably down to an issue with the setup you have. Diagnose and fix the issue if you have an early or unexpected death before you get a new betta.

Last thing before I go. In small tanks the water is going to change a lot quicker than in a larger tank. It is super important that you monitor the water quality so do a weekly water test and a 15-20% water change every week.

So until the next time have fun with your new fish and create the best betta fish tank that you can. If you have any questions feel free to ask away in the comments.

Have you ever kept a Betta fish, let me know about your experience in the comments.

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