Aqueon LED 10G Aquarium Kit Review: All Is Revealed

Aqueon LED 10G Aquarium Kit Review

Today I reveal all with my Aqueon LED 10G Aquarium Kit Review. See what you get, is it worth it and what exactly can you keep in it.

Starting your fish keeping journey can be an expensive project to start. However, if you start small you can find the passion and learn the skills needed to fall in love with it.

Fish are a great way to reduce stress, they are very low maintenance once the tank is cycled and set up and not mention a blast to sit and watch.

They do really have a little personality of their own.

This aquarium kit is a great place to start as it is a relatively low-cost aquarium in comparison to a larger tank.

Let me show you what you get with this aquarium kit in the Aqueon LED 10G Aquarium Kit Review.

What Exactly Do You Get With This Kit

When you get your box you pretty much have everything you need to get going. Your basic tank kit will include…

  • The tank
  • A Guide
  • Heater
  • Power Filter
  • Fish Food
  • Fish Net
  • Water Conditioner
  • Thermometer
  • LED Light

Whats Inside The Aqueon LED 10G Aquarium Kit

As you can see it pretty much is setup and go. You will have to buy some sort of water stabilizer or do ammonia cycle prior to adding fish. This just builds up a colony of good bacteria to protect your fish and control ammonia levels in the tank.

When you clean and set it up it will be pretty empty as you have no decor or substrate. I would suggest you get this at the same time if you really want to get it started.

For me natural is always best, I think it just looks nicer. The fish will not give a crap though. So if a Nemo shaped stone is what you want then go for it.

So if a Nemo shaped stone is what you want then go for it.

One thing on decor. When you add it you are decreasing the size of the tank so try not to clutter the tank. In my opinion, a clutter-free minimalist tank will keep your fish more happy than a jam pack color fest!

Aqueon LED 10G Aquarium Kit Review

What Else Do You Need To Get Started

Now that you have the tank and all the basics you are good to get it setup out of the box. Just remember to let the water stabilize before you add any fish.

I recommend you buy SeaChem Stability and add the recommended dose for 7 days prior to adding fish. This is designed to start your new tanks nitrogen cycle by building up a colony of good bacteria.

It is a lot sturdier than other brands but the downside is that it takes longer to build up. Having said that, when it is ready it is a lot more resilient.

Test your water on day 7. If you see any strange things like high PH, ammonia, nitrites then continue. Once the ammonia and nitrites are gone you can add fish.

A lot of people tend to panic when they see the PH off. This is normal in new tanks just carry on with the cycle for a few days extra. With PH you are looking for stability more than anything else.

If it is way off then you can buy a buffer but strive for stability more than a specific number

You should now have your pretty tank and decor all setup and ready for fishes.

All chemicals added?

Test your water to make sure your water is good. If it’s looking good it is time to decide on the fish you can add.

What Fish Can You Keep With In This Setup

A 10-gallon tank is pretty small. This means you have to look at smaller varieties of fish for your new tank.

In this article about goldfish tank size, I mentioned that for every inch of fish you need 1 gallon of water. So for this tank, you will be able to handle 10inches of fish.

The Aqueon LED 10G Aquarium Kit can probably handle one goldfish but if your water gets cloudy then you will need to upgrade your filter. When I say goldfish I mean the fancy type this is too small for common goldfish.

If this was my tank I would be looking at Guppies, Rosy Barbs, Tetras, Snails and Dwarf Frogs.

This could easily house 5 tetras or guppies without a problem.

Read More: How To Start A Guppy Fish Tank

The Aqueon 10G Aquarium Kit Good Points

So is it worth buying the Aqueon starter kit? Well, it depends on your expectations. I would definitely buy this tank if I wanted a low-cost tank that could house guppies or tetras.

If you have an idea on the fish you would like to keep you need to make sure that they can be housed comfortably.

  • The tanks is made from a clear glass (my favorite material for tanks as it doesn’t bow). There is also no tinting on the tank walls.
  • The LED that is included with this tank really does enhance the look of the tank. LED is such a nicer light in my opinion. Fluorescent can make the tank walls look yellow.
  • I love the feature on the filter where a light will come on when the cartridge needs to be changed.  The Filter supplied does a great job of keeping your water free from dangerous bacteria. Just remember your water changes.
  • All the equipment you need to get setup quickly, just remember to cycle your tank.

Hood Of The Aqueon 10G Aquarium Kit

The Bad Points About The Aqueon LED 10G Aquarium Kit

I’m not here to sell this tank to you, I am here to tell you my honest thoughts. That means I have no worries telling you what I did not like. There were a few things that really bug me about this aquarium kit.

  • First is the heater. It is preset at 78 degrees, so you have to choose fish that are happy at this temperature or that don’t need a heater. It does state that it can keep the temperature constant. This is half a point to the heater.
  • The hood and lighting are not very flexible. You have to fit the filter in the center of the tank.
  • You can not upgrade your lighting. This means that you can’t use this for a saltwater tank.
  • Their getting started guide says that it is ok to add fish after 24 hours. (This is my goldfish getting started guide) For a new fish keeper, this could lead to an early death as they don’t have a properly cycled tank.

My Aqueon LED 10G Aquarium Kit Review

In my review, I have laid it all out for you so that you can choose if this 10-gallon fish tank is right for you. Always do your research first, once you know the type of fish you may find you need a bigger tank.

If you are looking to house fancy goldfish I would recommend getting a 30-40 gallon tank. This will easily house two fancy goldfish. If you go for the latter this will give them some more room to play. Here are my goldfish tank recommendations!

If guppies and tetras are your things then this tank will get you up and running in no time. It has all the basics that you need.

For me, I think sinking fish pellets are better than the food provided. However, you could use the flakes up and then move on to the pellets.

The biggest takeaway from this.

Never add fish after 24 hours, always use add some good bacteria such as SeaChem Stability. Do this for 7 days and test the water.

If you are good to go then add your fish. It really annoys me that a respected brand should print that it is safe to add fish after 24 hours.

I hope this Aqueon LED 10G Aquarium Kit review has been helpful to you.


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