AquaClear 70 Power Filter Review: The Superior Filter For Your Fish Tank

AquaClear 70 Power Filter Review: The Superior Filter For Your Fish Tank

So you need a new aquarium filter, well today I am sharing my AquaClear 70 Power Filter Review.

Fish tanks are messy places. If you do not install the correct filter your fishes could be in great danger.

Let’s face it nobody wants to swim in their own pee or poop.

The problem with fish is that they are not only swimming in it.

They are living in it.

You need a filter strong enough to filter the bad bacteria but you also need to build up good bacteria to keep your water quality in top condition.

The is where the Aquaclear 70 Power filter comes in.

This is one aquarium filter brand that pops up time and time again. Is it for good reason though?

Let’s open the box as I share my AquaClear 70 Power Filter Review.

Is The AquaClear 70 Power Filter The Best Filter For Your Tank?

As I mentioned above, goldfish need a fish tank filter like the AquaClear 70. These keep your water is a decent condition for your fish. They harvest a colony of good bacteria to keep your water quality in tip-top condition.

The AquaClear 70 aquarium filter is known as a Hang on back filter because it sits on the back of the tank. This is great in my opinion as it doesn’t take swim space from your fish.

Picture of the AquaClear 70 Power Filter

The question is though, how do you know if this is the best fish tank filter for your tank.

You have two things to consider, how many cycles can it do per hour and what filter media will you put in this.

When I say how many cycles, I mean how many gallons of water can be filtered per hour (Gallons Per Hour = GPH). You want your filter to be able to filter 8 times per hour. Is your tank 20 gallons?

Is your tank 20 gallons?

Your filter should be able to filter 160 GPH.

The AquaClear 70 is able to filter 300 GPH. This means that your tank must be below 37 gallons.

If you keep goldfish with the AquaClear 70 then your tank would have to be 30 gallons or less. These fish are heavy waste producers so your filter will have to work harder.

If your tank is bigger than these then you will have to consider a second filter for optimal filtration. You could also look at the AquaClear 110 this filters at 500 GPH.


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How Does The AquaClear 70 Filter Your Fish Tank?

In its bare condition, the AquaClear 70 will pull the water into the cycle and then the water will flow out.

Your filter is only as good as the filter media you install. Most filters do come with cartridges but you will save yourself money if you install decent quality filter media.

A filter cartridge may only be 10cm by 4cm but if you add ceramic filter tiles you are adding more surface area. This means there are more places for the good bacteria to cling on to.

It also means more space to stop debris and bacteria getting through.

For your mechanical filtration, you could have filter floss and this will catch the debris. For your biological filtration, you could have the ceramic balls and this will be for your good bacteria.

You could also add some activated carbon for some chemical filtration.

Crystal clear water with the aquaclear 70 power filter, great for goldfish

Does It Matter What Fish You Keep When You Choose Your Aquarium Filter

Once you have calculated the size of filter you need and you have decided on your filter media, is there anything else to consider?

The most important thing!

The fish you are going to house in your new aquarium.

All fish are different, some produce a tiny bit of waste and others produce copious amounts of waste. This is why it pays to do your research when you are setting up your tank.

Scenario time!

You have two Oranda Goldfish in a 40-gallon tank. I have mentioned before that goldfish produce large amounts of waste. If you were to install smaller than a 400 gallon per hour filter on this tank you would struggle to keep your tank clear.

However, if you change the fish to Neon Tetras, then your waste will be greatly reduced. You could probably get away with a filter that can filter your tank 5 times an hour. So a tetra tank that holds 10 gallons of water would cope with a 50 GPH filter, with decent filter media.

TheAquaClear 70 Power Filter Good Points

There are a lot of good points that would definitely push me to try the AquaClear 70. One of the strongest ones is the noise, it is very quiet in comparison to other models available. Having said that I have heard it can be quite fiddly and if it isn’t sitting right it can be noisy.

The flexibility is another positive feature with this filter. You have a very large capacity for filter media. You can use their recommendations or go on your own experience. The AquaClear has bottom-up technology which is normally found in canister filters like the EHEIM Classic 250 (See my Review). It basically means the water travels up through the filter.

This makes it harder for debris and to escape the filter. It also means that it is a lot easier to get that beautiful crystal clear water that gives the WOW factor to your tank.

I read some reviews that the filter was made out of some cheap material.

I must say that this is lies and have found this particular filter to be rather sturdy and very durable.

The Bad Points About The AquaClear 70

There weren’t many bad points to tell you about the AquaClear 70.

The biggest downside of this filter I have seen is that in smaller tanks the flow rates can cause some issues. I never faced this personally but other users have reported.

Now I did say that this was an ultra silent fish tank filter and I still believe this.

Noise can become a problem occasionally. The AquaClear 70 is not too keen on sand getting inside it. If sand does enter it can cause a grinding noise.

If noise is an issue then try re-adjusting the position of the filter on the tank. It can be quite temperamental if it is not sitting right.

My AquaClear 70 Power Filter Review

As the time has moved on us aquarists are striving for a quieter filter and the AquaClear 70 has brought this to us.

Yeah, it’s not silent but it has a much quieter operation than most filters.

Unlike normal Hang On Back filters, this one uses the same technology normally found in the more expensive canister filters. When the water enters this it will be taken through the filtration process from the bottom up. This really does enhance the filtration process.

Like I mentioned above the filter is only as good as the filter media. With the AquaClear you have total flexibility, you can use the media that comes with the kit or you can add your own.

In comparison with other brands, this filter has a greater capacity for filter media.

If you’re new though choosing your own media might sound scary. With this filter you don’t need to be scared, you will get media with the kit making it easier to get started.

As you become more experienced you can experiment with other types. In the meantime, you have AquaClear Foam, Activated Carbon, BioMax and Cycle Guard.

This covers the three-stage filtration process.

On the whole, this filter is a good choice for most aquariums. The AquaClear 70 Power Filter boasts efficiency, durability and overall quality. The great thing is that it is pretty affordable too.

I hope you have found my AquaClear 70 Power Filter Review helpful and I hope you enjoy that crystal clear water that this bad boy can deliver.



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