Best Common Goldfish Tank Size, The Key Ingredient To Happier Fish

Best Common Goldfish Tank Size, The Key Ingredient To Happier Fish

The biggest problem new fish keepers make is choosing the wrong common goldfish tank size. Just because they are small when you purchase doesn’t mean they will stay that way.

This is a big mistake.

A small fish bowl or tank will not do.

The common goldfish requires a lot of swimming space. This is why they are best suited to large ponds. That isn’t always possible though and you may have to settle for a large tank.

Common goldfish are big and grow to around 4 inches. In some cases, they could grow to 7-8inches. On average though it is about 4 inches. It isn’t impossible though. You just need to do your research and choose a suitable tank for your new goldfish.

It isn’t impossible though to keep them in a tank. You just need to do your research and choose a suitable tank for your new goldfish.

You just need to do your research and choose a suitable tank for your new goldfish.

Here is my guide on how to choose the perfect common goldfish tank size…

Not All Goldfish Are Created Equally

Is a goldfish just a goldfish.

This is a common misconception. many new aquarists believe that all goldfishes are the same. Some are just fancier.

Some are just fancier.

This is not the case there are about 21 different types of goldfish. Here is a quick rundown of the types of goldfish…

What Is A Slim Bodied Goldfish?

The common goldfish falls into this category. They are strong, athletic and the slim bodied goldfish can grow the largest.

The biggest I have personally heard of is about 12 inches in length. In a bowl this would curl and will cause spinal damage.

It is for this reason these bad boys tend to end up in ponds.

It is not only common goldfish in this group though. Other varieties include…

  • The Comet
  • The Shubunkin
  • The Wakin
  • The Jikin
  • The Watonai

Most of these also only have the single tail fin apart from the Wakin which has a tail like the fancier breeds.

Common Goldfish Living In A Pond

What Is An Egg Shaped Goldfish?

The next type of goldfish are the fancier looking ones that have the two tail fins. These will sometimes be categorized as double tailed goldfish.

Some of these are more than just fancy. For example, the Oranda has a brain like mass on its head, this is known as a wen.

The Telescope Goldfish has protruding eyes.

These fish are not slim and slender they are… well, egg shaped.

Here is the list of egg-shaped varieties…

  • The Fantail – This is the most common fancy goldfish.
  • The Black Moor
  • Th Ryukin
  • The Tamasaba – Can sometimes be confused with a single tailed variety but its tail is definitely fancier.
  • The Telescope Goldfish
  • The Veiltail
  • The Butterfly
  • The Oranda – The Brainy One
  • The Pom Pom
  • The Tosakin
  • The Pearlscale


What Is A Dorsalless Goldfish?

Plain and simple this variety doesn’t have a dorsal fin. This is the fin that sits on the back of the fish.

Think of a shark, the dorsal fin is the iconic fin that pokes out the water…

  • The Bubble Eye Goldfish
  • The Lionhead
  • The Ranchu
  • The Pheonix
  • The Celestial Eyed
  • The Toadhead

Before you get your fish choose a variety that you like. Then look at its traits.

If it’s a fast athletic type a bigger tank is a must.

If it’s a big, slow, and lazy fish you can choose the minimum requirements.

The Magic Tank Size Formula To Improve Your Fishes Physical & Mental Health

Now that you know there are different types of goldfish we can move on to choosing the best aquarium size for the common goldfish type.

Remember what I said these are athletic, strong and love to dart about the tank.

When you see a pond full of goldfish it tends to be the common breed for this reason.

They need a big tank.

The magic formula for choosing tank size is…

One inch of fish for every gallon of water.

We said the average length of a common is around 4 inches, so a 40-gallon tank would be suitable. But say you have two, does that mean you need 80?

To make it easier I would say for Commons start with 40 gallons and for each additional fish add 20 gallons of water. That means for three Commons you will be looking at a tank around 80 Gallons.

This gives them plenty room to play, race, hide, and rest.

If you want a smaller tank then choose a smaller variety of goldfish.

For More Tips On Looking After Goldfish Check This Post Out!

If you add a completely different species with your goldfish make sure that the two species can live together. I wrote a post answering the can guppies live with goldfish question. This also mentions choosing the best tanks size.

The Best Tank For Common Goldfish

Let’s pretend that you have decided that you want two common goldfish. That means you are going to need about a 60-gallon tank.

That is quite a big tank, make sure you have the room for this big guy. Don’t forget that a table might not hold it’s weight so you may also need a stand.

The best 60-gallon tank that I have come across is the Advance Aqua Acrylic Aquarium.

Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium 60 Gallon Blue

Unfortunately, it is only sold as a tank, not as an aquarium kit, which means you will have to get a stand. If you have a surface that can with stand the weight of this tank plus 60 gallons of water then you will be ok.

The safer option is to get a nice cabinet. The tank and cabinet will sit flush with this option.

This tank is really clear for an acrylic tank which would suggest that it is made from high-quality acrylic.

Slight bowing of the tank wall may occur but this is normal with acrylic tanks and is caused by the water pressure.

It also doesn’t come with a hood so make sure that you get a cover for it. Goldfish tend not to jump but in my opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry.Just because they tend not to doesn’t mean they won’t.

A plastic cover will work well, they are low cost and can be trimmed to size.

Choosing The Best Common Goldfish Tank Size Will Lead To Healthier & Happier Goldfish

As you can see it’s not all about you. You need to consider the needs of your goldfish when choosing the best aquarium for their needs.

Don’t just pick the tank that will fit the interior of your house. Calculate the tank size and then look at different style to fit.

Goldfish love to swim and fool around. Get some rocks and foliage and watch them hide play hide and seek.

Always choose the best common goldfish tank size and give them the best start in their new home.


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